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What Are Simple Switch's Values?

Don't Buy More, Buy Better. Many companies exist to get you to buy more stuff, but we believe this is actually part of the problem. Online retail spending in the USA is projected to be $1 TRILLION Dollars this year for the first time, and unfortunate

How Exactly Do My Purchases Make An Impact?

In 2018, United States consumers spent $513.61 billion dollars online. We spend this money on things we need, things we want, and gifts for loved ones. Unfortunately, much of this money is put towards companies who have put very little thought into t

How Does Simple Switch Choose Partners & Verify Impact?

We carefully vet each company annually on things like product sourcing, packaging materials, labor practices, and more. This is to ensure they're truly making a positive impact, and are going above and beyond their industry standards to help people a

How Does Simple Switch Find Its Partners?

We get this question all the time, and it's a great one!. One of the biggest values we provide to our customers is the ability to shop with confidence without needing to do so much research. It's important to us that you can feel confident in the par

What Products Can Be Sold On Simple Switch?

We sell thousands of products from our incredible brands based around the world who we call “Impact Partners”. We call them Impact Partners since they partner with us as a retailer and you as a customer to make a positive impact.🫶. You can learn mor

What Else Can I Do To Make An Impact?

We are so lucky to have customers who care deeply about our planet and the people on it, and we're determined to be not only a marketplace, but a place where you can engage deeply and learn more about how your purchasing makes an impact. 💙. Visit ou