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What Else Can I Do To Make An Impact?Updated a year ago

We are so lucky to have customers who care deeply about our planet and the people on it, and we're determined to be not only a marketplace, but a place where you can engage deeply and learn more about how your purchasing makes an impact. 💙

Visit our Get Involved Help Desk page to learn how else you can create change with Simple Switch.

Donate to Grow Our Impact
If you are especially passionate about business as a force for good, and would like to help us grow our impact at an even greater scale, you can give a financial gift of any size here. All of this money will be directly used to scale the company and increase our impact worldwide.

Listen to the Podcast
This summer we launched a podcast all about positive impact purchasing. The episodes include interviews with our world-changing partner brands, as well as episodes explaining key words surrounding conscious consumerism that can sometimes be confusing. If you have a suggestion for a podcast episode, contact us on social media or at [email protected]

Join the Facebook Group
As you get more involved as a conscious consumer who's using your purchasing power for good, it can be really helpful to have people to support your efforts, both in person and online. For this reason we provide the Positive Purchasers Collective: By Simple Switch, a community where you can discuss your changes with others trying to make similar impact. Bring your questions and your expertise to others on the same journey here.

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