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How Does Simple Switch Find Its Partners?Updated a year ago

We get this question all the time, and it's a great one!

One of the biggest values we provide to our customers is the ability to shop with confidence without needing to do so much research. It's important to us that you can feel confident in the partners we've chosen. 🫶

Unlike some collections of ethical products, our partners span a wide range of impacts varying from environmental innovations to support of global development projects. This means that we don't require our partners to hold a certain certification, one size does not fit all. 

Every partner we work with has to have third-party confirmation of the positive impact in their field to ensure best practices. We make sure to let you know in the product descriptions what kind of impact you're making, and why it's important.

We sometimes discover our partners through awesome certifications and communities like B Corp or Fair Trade. Sometimes great partners reach out to us wanting to get involved! 

We also often find our partners through customers just like you! You can suggest a partner you think would pair well with us here.

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