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What Are Simple Switch's Values?Updated a year ago

Our Values

Don't Buy More, Buy Better

Many companies exist to get you to buy more stuff, but we believe this is actually part of the problem. Online retail spending in the USA is projected to be $1 TRILLION Dollars this year for the first time, and unfortunately, lots of that money directly funds environmental damage and the mistreatment of workers. 

So what can we do?! 

We don't think simply telling people to stop buying things is an effective strategy. Instead, we focus on shifting that spending to products from companies we've carefully vetted for their social and environmental impact so that the same $1 trillion can go towards empowering people and protecting our earth.

Ease Without Apathy

We want to make the journey to conscious consumption a "simple switch".

The environmental and social problems in consumer spending are not primarily the fault of individuals, but the consequences of the systems created for all of us to use. We believe it's our responsibility to build a better system that makes it EASY to be a conscious consumer while providing transparent and valuable information about personal impact. 

We've seen most for-profit tech companies make our lives easier with innovative mobile apps, habit formation, etc., and most nonprofits help educate their audience about important social and environmental issues facing our world. 

Simple Switch aims to sit at the intersection of these models, empowering our audience with easy-to-digest impact information, while making it extremely easy to shop in alignment with values.

People + Planet + Profit

We are a for-profit company for a reason... we know consumer spending can be a force for positive change! 

Simple Switch believes that environmental action and social justice are not mutually exclusive with a strong business model, as long as there is accountability for consideration of all three.

 As part of our BCorp Certification, we have legally committed to legally accountable to all stakeholders - workers, communities, customers, suppliers, and the environment - not just shareholders.

Plant Tamarisk Trees

In the Middle East, a Tamarisk tree provides more shade and humidity than other plants, making it valuable in the dry, hot climate. However, the tree does not come to maturity for around 80 years. When you plant a Tamarisk Tree you aren't planting it for yourself, but for the generations yet to come. 

At Simple Switch, we prioritize doing work that will make a lasting and sustained positive impact on people and our planet, and provide value for generations, not only instant profits or rewards. We use this lens as we choose our supplier partnerships, train and grow our own team, accept investors or funding, and engage in discussions with customers around sustainable and ethical spending.

Equity & Anti-Oppression

Simple Switch exists to make a positive social and environmental impact, and we recognize that our own biases can get in the way of doing that well. We work to uproot oppressive tendencies in our own team and company structures by regularly referencing "The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture" by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun in our decision-making, and we are committed to engaging with expert third parties to audit our practices and policies. 

We align with BCorp's anti-racism commitment to "embrace radical reorientation of our consciousness and listen to the voices of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and marginalized peoples to catalyze equitable outcomes for all."

Iterate Often

We're committed to doing what's best for our customers, and to eagerly listen to feedback on how we can improve the experience. We also prioritize the voices of our suppliers, which we call "Impact Partners" because we exist to collaborate with and empower them to create a more positive impact. 

We understand that our team might not always be the experts on how to best do these things, so this value is our commitment to ask for feedback, accountability, and leadership from those we aim to serve, and be open to making changes where necessary. 

Have feedback on our site, practices, or products? We'd love to hear it, just email our team at [email protected].

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