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How Does My Subscription Make An Impact?Updated 8 months ago

All of the products on Simple Switch make a unique positive environmental or social impact, like fighting human trafficking, planting trees, using up-cycled materials, and so many more! You can read about our standards here or learn more about the products we sell and their impacts by checking out each brand's page here.

Simple Switch's automated product subscriptions to make it even more convenient to make a positive impact with your purchases. One of our company values is "ease without apathy" and we want to do everything in our power to help you spend in alignment with your values, without a bunch of complication or confusion.

We know life can be busy, and you shouldn't need to think about the impact of your spending all the time... that's our job! Even our founder would occasionally forget to buy bamboo toilet paper or plastic-free shampoo - until she signed up for subscriptions! 

If you "set it and forget it" you're more likely to make a consistent impact over time. All too often we get excited about a sustainable change in our behavior, but quickly fall back into old habits. When you order products featured on Simple Switch on a regular subscription, you'll never forget to shop ethically & sustainably again! 

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